Bendigo Whovians Society upcoming events:

February 16th., 2020, Bendigo Whovians
February Meet!

The Doctor is back in 2020, and so are the Bendigo Whovians! You are invited to join us at our first Meet for 2020.

You are encouraged to come along in any Doctor Who themed cosplay, or wear your favourite Doctor Who themed clothing.

If you like, bring along one or more items of your own Doctor Who merchandise, or a Doctor Who item you have made, or simply a Doctor Who related tale to tell, for our popular “Show &/or Tell” segment!

There will be merchandise for sale. You are also welcome to bring along anything you’d like to sell – you can sell ANY pop-culture/sci-fi/fantasy merchandise as long as you have some Doctor Who items as well.

This is the only regular Doctor Who meet in regional Victoria, so please come along & show your support if you are a local Doctor Who fan!

Attendance is open to everyone & any age. There is no entry charge.

There will be door prizes, with the major prize donated by ‘Collect Em All’!

Please just feel free to come along & join in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere, with other fans of our favourite TV show!

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December 15th., 2019, Bendigo Whovians
Christmas Meet!


October 20th., 2019, Bendigo Whovians
4th Birthday Meet!

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August 18th., 2019, Bendigo Whovians
August Meet!

June 16th., 2019, Bendigo Whovians
Mid Year meet!

April 21st., Bendigo Easter Festival

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APRIL 21st., 1pm (we will be meeting at 12 noon)

You are invited to join in & be part of this exciting event, showcasing our group & our love of Doctor Who, along with other community groups, to the Bendigo community.

We need as many people as possible in DW cosplay, or wearing iconic DW items (eg., 4th Doctor scarf), or wearing a top that is clearly identifiable as DW themed (which should be easily visible to people from their positions in the crowd).
You need to factor in that if the weather happens to be cold, you can’t cover up your great DW t-shirt with a jacket!

We will need 4 or 6 people to carry the banner (shared over the course of the parade, 2 at a time), so please indicate if you would like to do this – probably those not in cosplay would be better suited for this role.

You need to be physically able to walk (or stomp, glide, roll, etc.) the 1.5 km parade route, and keep in mind that the start is on View St., so the first part of the parade has a fairly decent downward slope (if you are rolling, you need to be able to safely control this!).

If you are on Facebook, then please join the Bendigo Whovian Society group, and put a reply in the Announcement post about the Parade if you are interested in joining us.